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On my birthday this week I received the same notebook from different persons with the letter L on it. I clearly saw it as a wink to L&L and a sign that I am walking in the right direction with my company.

Lately David and I are meeting a lot of clients and we are loving every meeting, we see it as a chance to talk about what the clients expect and also what type of clients we’d love to work with. Photography is not a material object you can see and test, the work of a photographer is essentially creative. Every photographer has a style and an approach and it takes years of learning and experience to master a style and to be able to develop a line of work. The consistency of style, experience and creativity is what should be measured when choosing a photographer as well as the compatibility towards the wedding day.

But of course, this works in both directions. When I speak to clients who are looking for a traditional shooting with only posed shots, and even though I could do it, I just feel it is something that doesn’t allow me to grow creatively and enjoy my profession as much as I do. Of course there will be posed shots but I want to take pictures of a celebration of love, enjoying every minute of it.

For both David and I, it is very important the fact that there is a connection between the client and the way we work, that they like my portfolio and style. We will always listen and consider every proposal and will try to work with the client no matter what, as long as we feel the client wants to work with us for our talent and experience.

We feel so grateful for the amazing clients we have worked with and we are so much looking forward to meeting new ones. Can’t wait to work on the upcoming photo assignments this week!


Our work as wedding and elopement photographers

Leila Jacue & David Leon are a team of wedding photographers based in NYC specializing in elopements and intimate wedding photography with boutique inspiration. We develop a stress-free glamour and casual chic style that captures the highlights of your day as well as "in-between moments" to represent your day fully and in a memorable way for years to come.


David is a registered officiant and we are currently offering elopement packages with the option of taking advantage of celebrating the ceremony at great New York City locations. Check our Sweet Elopement Package

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