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Hello from Leila & David.

We are L&L Style Photo!


Photographer Leila Jacue and art director David Leon founded L&L Style Photo with the purpose of creating artful images that reflect the emotions of great couples celebrating their day in unique ways. We believe in contemporary wedding photography created with a stylish and fun approach, capturing the excitement of the couple, showing love and connection and interactions with the guests, depicting real moments full of life.




- We have 7+ years of experience photographing weddings and elopements in NYC.


- We have a creative background and always look for an unique style that captures the essence of the city.

New York is a busy and constantly changing city. We have expert knowledge of the city and know the coolest locations and how to move around in the nicest, fastest and less stressful way.


- Leila & David always work as a team. Leila takes artistic, carefully planned shots while David makes sure there’s a great background, plans on locations and assists during the shoot (this can be really useful for taking editorial shots without having to worry about where to leave your coats or belongings in a busy Manhattan street).


- We are flexible and reasonable. We are open to finding another available time last minute, in case of terrible weather or if something unplanned happens.


- David is a NYC registered officiant! Our fully legal marriage ceremony service is included at no additional charge in all our elopement photography packages and you could pick a location different to the City Hall. David performs a short and sweet ceremony similar to the one at the City Hall but more personal and without the long lines :)


- We are based out in Manhattan, New York City and currently we are serving weddings and elopements in NYC 5 boroughs and beyond, plus destination weddings.

35 mm Film Elopement Photography

Film wedding and elopement photography have a timeless and unique quality we adore. Despite the prevalence of digital photography in today’s digital age which we are grateful for, we’ve just decided to offer a film photography add-on for our elopements! We have started offering this service for elopements and small weddings. Our film package add-on includes portraits with the couple, separate portraits, and possibly details. This would be in addition to having digital shots as well but again, 35 mm film offers a special texture and a vintage feel we have always loved and used in our personal project.

These are some other Benefits of Film Wedding Photography:

Aesthetic Appeal: Film photography has a distinct aesthetic that many couples find appealing. It often produces soft, natural colors, and a fine grain that lends a classic, nostalgic feel to the images. Film captures light in a unique way, resulting in a dreamy and artistic quality that cannot be replicated by digital cameras.

Dynamic Range: Film photography is known for its exceptional ability to handle high-contrast scenes. It has a wider dynamic range compared to most digital cameras, meaning it can capture details in both highlights and shadows without losing information. This is particularly advantageous during weddings, where lighting conditions can vary greatly.

Timelessness: Film images have proven to stand the test of time. They possess a classic quality that transcends trends and remains visually appealing years or even decades later. The longevity of film photography is a significant advantage for couples who desire timeless memories that won’t be affected by changes in technology.

This is an example of how your photos can look like! If you have any questions or need pricing details please send us an inquiry using the form below after the images.

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Thank you for inquiring with us, we will be in touch soon with our packages. if you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, it’s likely that you entered your email address wrong - it happens! In this case, please resubmit or email us directly to see if we got your submission at info@llstylephoto.comError submitting form, please try again.

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