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“It is not the position, but the disposition”
Susan Sontag

I try to keep updated and read as much as I can in blogs and websites dedicated to wedding photography and weddings in general. For me it is crucial to learn more and more about my business and ways to make it more efficient and more special.

Interestingly enough, as I learn more and have more experience I tend to simplicity as opposed to a very complex and baroque imagery. For me, art is a way to express the artist’s voice but also to let the emotions speak by itself. My photography is a channel for your emotions and I believe the more transparent and subtle it is the more it will let the moment speak by itself.

A client of mine recently said something very interesting and that made me think a lot. He said: “You don’t just document, it is something else”

I really believe photography is not just finding a position to register the moments, positioning can be learned with experience and knowledge. For me photography can go beyond if you have the disposition towards finding the structures of the moment, the amazing order that make the moments look magical and unforgettable.

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Our work as wedding and elopement photographers

Leila Jacue & David Leon are a team of wedding photographers based out in NYC specializing in elopements, small weddings and larger weddings with a boutique inspiration. We have a creative background and develop an editorial yet casual style that captures the essence of the city. David is a registered officiant and we are currently offering on our elopement packages the option of taking advantage of celebrating the ceremony at great New York City locations. Read more about our Sweet Elopement Package

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